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Welcome to the Lance Agdigos Gallery
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  Orchids, by Lance Agdigos, Oil on Canvas,  20" x 16"




Commission - Portrait of a Young Jedi, by Lance Agdigos, Oil on Canvas, 8" x 10"

Mayon Volcano Series - Painting Three of Series: "Church of Cagsawa and Mayon

Volcano" by Lance Agdigos, Oil on Canvas, 36"x24"

Flowers and Vase, by Lance Agdigos, Oil on

Canvas Panel with Palette Knife 11" x 14"

At the Agdigos Gallery, we can turn your favorite photo into a unique Lance Agdigos original oil painting.
Our paintings are all hand-painted in oil on stretched canvas. You can choose from the following sizes(inches):
Sizes Commission Cost Per Additional Subject
8" x 10"$60$20
11" x 14" $75$25
16" x 20"$95$25
20" x 24"$125$25
22" x 28" $150$50
24" x 36"$200$50
30" x 30"$200$50
30" x 40" $300$50
The above are our standard sizes. Please contact us if you have a custom size in mind.

"Tribute to Monet, Japanese Bridge Over Water Lilies"by Lance Agdigos, 8" x 10" Oil On Canvas

Mayon Volcano Series - Painting Two of Series: "Mayon Volcano

with Caribou on Rice Fields, A Picture To Remember"by Lance Agdigos, 36"x24" Oil On Canvas

Mayon Volcano Series - Painting One of Series: "Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City" by Lance Agdigos, 22" x 28" Oil on Canvas

Crossroads Series, Tribute to Robert Johnson - Painting Three: "Roads To Destination" by Lance Agdigos, 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas


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